How to Get Paid to Take Surveys Online – The 4 Most Common Methods

How to Get Paid to Take Surveys Online – The 4 Most Common Methods

by Jason

Is it possible to make money taking surveys online? If you are wondering how to get paid to take surveys online, here are a few things that is good to know.

First, do you know why companies are willing to pay consumers for answering surveys? The main reason is that these companies need your honest opinion about their products and services. They need to know whether their products and services are in demand before they spend more money producing them.

If you want to know how to get paid to take surveys online, there are generally 4 main methods which we will be discussing in more details below. Companies use different survey methods so that they can have a better gauge of the consumers’ reaction. As you gain more experience participating in various types of survey, you will start to realize how marketing and publicity can influence the way you behave as a consumer.

With that said, let’s look at the 4 main methods of how to get paid to take surveys online:

1) Focus Group Discussions

When companies need to find out how an audience will respond to a particular campaign before it is launched in public, they may held a focus group discussion. Usually, the monetary reward for participating in a focus group discussion is quite substantial compared to a normal fill in the blank survey. You can get paid up to $75 per hour.

2) Telephone Interview

Some paid surveys are conducted through telephone. A telephone interview will usually be conducted if companies require a very descriptive answer and they want to hear about it. Phone surveys can be quite short and you may even complete one in 3 minutes, depending on the number of questions you need to answer.

3) Movie Trailers

Here, you will be asked to watch a movie trailer. After that, you will be asked to rate the trailer. The companies want to find out how effective the trailer is and whether it can arouse the right response in viewers.

4) Mails

In this type of survey, companies may mail you their products. The purpose is to let you try them for a week or more. After that, you are suppose to fill in the survey forms and give them your feedback on the products.

The above describes 4 different methods on how to get paid to take surveys online.

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