Hiring A Greenville SEO Provider For Your Online Marketing

Hiring A Greenville SEO Provider For Your Online Marketing

by Jason

For owners of businesses, having a website makes it important to make use of SEO for the success of the online presence of the business. It could be that you have developed your website from the leading website designer, but without web traffic visiting your website, the whole effort falls flat on its face. And the mere presence of traffic makes little meaning unless it is targeted traffic that visits your website. However, getting quality Greenville SEO services ensure that relevant web traffic is available to your website consistently. This article discusses how to distinguish a good SEO provider from a bad one.

There are 6 important considerations that one should be aware of at the time of hiring an SEO provider. These are:

1) One should consider the process of hiring an SEO provider as an investment in their business. SEO services should be considered as a business strategy to enhance the online business presence effectively within the business domain. When hiring, consider the process as hiring an employee with a good understanding of your business and the objectives of your online presence.

2) Ranking on the first page of search engine results (especially, Google) is everything that matters. People hardly ever visit the second page of search ranking results. This means, it is the first page that should be aimed to achieve through SEO. And it is the top positions on the first page that really matters, getting the most clicks, and decreasing with downward progression.

3) If it is possible to be on the first page with smaller keywords, then it makes sense to try for these keywords, instead of targeting the bigger keywords and unable to be on the first page. It is only good SEO provider who will do research of the different keywords related to your business and comes up with few that could realistically come in the first page and also find keywords having sufficient search volume to help your business rank high in search results.

4) All activities on SEO are aimed to beat the competition. Simply following certain things is not a guarantee that your website will rank on the first page of Google. A good SEO provider will make a thorough research of your online competitors for all the individual keywords, and it is after that, they would implement strategies as required according to point three above.

5) On-page and Off-page SEO. SEO is a complex science and it would do well to understand two main types at the time of interviewing an SEO provider. These are On-page and Off-page SEO. On-page SEO includes factors that deal with SEO (like keywords, page headings, internal links, usability, outbound links, etc.). Off-page SEO considers items that are outside the ambit of the website, but which affect the rankings of the website, like citations, backlinks, social sharing, etc. Although on-page SEO needs to be dealt with by you, but the recommendations that the SEO provider provides need to be incorporated, and that includes getting your web designer do the required adjustments.

6) It must be noted that getting a good ranking on the first page of the search result does not relate to increase in potential traffic and sales. All that could be achieved through SEO is to get your website, Google Places, articles, blogs, videos, etc. to get higher rankings. The SEO provider cannot ensure that the traffic to your website will convert into sales. It is only with good marketing that you convert this extra traffic into sales and it falls in the business marketing consultant domain.

The main differences between a ‘Good’ and ‘Bad’ SEO experts are:

Good SEO Providers

Any good Greenville SEO provider will try to build solid groundwork and should have proper SEO plan for the business website, and do extensive initial keyword research as well as research on the competitors. Even if the client does not find it worth going for, the SEO provider will insist upon it. The whole job of keyword research and selection is a lengthy process and includes a good amount of investigation. It is the responsible SEO methods that are the hallmark of Good SEO work. Items that they do include giving more attention to on-page SEO, improving citations, securing quality backlinks, provide a good user experience, aiding social sharing, etc.

Bad SEO Providers

Bad SEO providers are often found to take client’s money before starting their work. Instead of doing proper keyword research, they might ask such questions like, “Provide three keywords for your business needs and the URL that needs SEO work”. These bad SEO providers often use link farms, spam blog comments, and other means and get irrelevant back links all across the internet.

SEO and web design: Ensure that the website of your company reflects the ethics of your company and personifies the ethos as well. After all, it is your company’s website and you definitely want to put your product and services on display.  The better the quality of your SEO of your website, the smoother will be the user experience.

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