Harry Potter finally has a Butterbeer doughnut and it includes a Golden Snitch in the middle

by Jason
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Good news Harry Potter fans, there’s a chance to catch the Golden Snitch…and eat it, too. 

Sugar Shack Donuts made Butterbeer doughnuts with a doughnut hole shaped like a Golden Snitch in the middle. 100 points for creativity!

Unfortunately, most of their locations are in Virginia, Florida, and Washington. So, catch the next Hogwarts train out or a ride on a broomstick for this limited time treat.

The doughnut shop will start selling the sweets all October, though they strongly recommend you preorder and we don’t blame them. Have they seen how ravenous Potterheads can be?

Sugar Shack even went above and beyond by letting anyone who brings a wand or their very own Harry Potter book get a chance to receive a free house doughnut.

So, prepare your wands (and your appetite), because this new food trend can distract you from that missing Hogwarts letter, yet again. 

Read more: http://mashable.com/2017/10/11/harry-potter-butterbeer-donuts/

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