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by Jason

I am in the field of marketing and promotion from several years. And today I would share some about live web tv. This is all about my personal experiences about using the internet and watching TV.

There are several hundred thousand items in the market and all are selling more or less. Some people sell certain kind of services those are available free in the same market or territory. I always appreciate people who sell hard to sell things in the traditional markets. Among those things is Internet TV or Online web TV. As far I know, most of the channels are available free of cost on several websites. One can easily find these channels through google or Yahoo or websites. Free channels are being offered by the people who offer a free content on their website for their visitors and as a result companies advertise on their websites.

In today’s discussion, we would discuss various aspects of watching TV online. We would go step by step and would try to get answers to some basic questions. These are as under:

What is Online TV or web TV or internet TV?
Online TV refers to a television service offered online to enable you view and watch streaming online TV channels on your computer via broadband internet connection.

How that works?
Websites broadcast the TV streams live from their servers or they embed the code from that TV’s parent website. We watch these TVs through an explorer like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Safari and Chrome.

Why they offer it online?
To be honest, everybody wants to make money by this way or the other way. Paid channels are a source of income for that and free websites make money from advertisements.

What hardware is required to watch those channels?
Any computer that can use internet efficiently is able to show web TV too. The computers having enough resources would give better performance. I would recommend minimum 1.6GHZ processor with at least 1GB ram and more than 40GB hard drive.

Which software is best to watch them?
Windows XP and later version are all good for that.

Which website is safe for computers?
This is the most important question. One should make sure if this website is safe. Safe means, no spyware, no pop ups and pop unders, no downloads, no fishing no hacking etc. There is an easy way to test a website, go to “Norton Safe Web” and see the results at their page.

Which website is safe for kids and family?
During my study, I found that most online TV website offers an Adult TV section too. They show a page to verify the age and that’s it. If kids use your computer or they use any computer at home then one should be careful as to avoid from those websites.

What are bandwidth issues?
Online videos and TVs watching consume a lot of bandwidth. People should be aware of that and keep an eye on your bandwidth as some internet service companies do not send warning message if you use bandwidth too much or near to end your quota.

Which Internet is good for web TV?
A broadband cable/DSL connection is required with 128K minimum speed for optimum performance. However, this will work on a 56k dial up as well. You will just need to wait longer for the TV channels to buffer (download).

Free Online Live Web TV

Since we started watching online TV, I was searching new channels everyday and watching those without any problem. Then I realised I should create a page or website that would show online free channels. I did and created Live Web TV for this purpose. Now we watch those TV ourselves and we invited our friends and family to this website too. We all search free channels and are adding them in the website. This online TV channels list is growing and growing every day. Through this forum, I invite all of you to visit our website and enjoy free online web TV. We would appreciate your feedback. And if you want to add channels then let us know.

Here is a list of top channels:

Awaaz TV Live, Sakshi Telugu HD TV, Aag TV Live, Channel 5 Live, Dunya News TV Pakistan, ILIM TV Pakistan, Star Plus, WinTv World – Trinidad and Tobago, SONY TV Hindi India, Press TV NEWS Live, Express News Pakistan English, Express News Pakistan, Channel 5 Pakistan Urdu, Hum TV Pakistan, Zee News India, Zee Smile India, Colors TV India, 9x TV India, NDTV Imagine India, NDTV Profit, Masala TV Pakistan, 9X Music TV India, Aastha TV India, PTV Urdu Pakistan, News One Pakistan, Sahara One India, Pakistan TV, ETV Urdu, IBN Hindi India, MTV Hindi Live Music from India, NDTV Hindi India, Times Now India, Sahara News India, KTV Hindi India, Star Vijay India, SUN TV India, Geo News TV Pakistan Live, Geo TV Pakistan, Sahara Filmy India, Zee Punjabi India,, ETV Gujarati, Zee Cinema Live from India, IBN 7 Live India, Zoom TV India, Star Utsav Live Hindi TV, Desi Flix TV India, SAB TV Hindi Live, ZEE Music (Zing) TV Hindi India, UTV Movies, SET MAX TV India, Zee TV Hindi India USA, Star One TV India, English TV Channels, ABC News Australia, CNN TV English USA, FOX News Live, CNBC Live, KTTV (Stream1), USA, NBTV Live from North Bay, Ontario, Canada, Bloomberg TV UK, Comedy Classics USA, Wildlife Channel, United Kingdom, Soft Rock Music TV USA English, MSNBC Live Broadcast from USA, NBC News Live from California America, Al Jazeera Qatar TV English, Toonjet Cartoon TV English, Tom and Jerry Cartoons, Crazy Looney Tunes, Cartoon Network Plus, Road Runner Cartoons, Moovee TV, 3BTV United Kingdom, Sky News English UK, EMUSIC TV English Live,

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