Four Things You Should Never Do As An Affiliate Marketer

Four Things You Should Never Do As An Affiliate Marketer

by Jason

The biggest four things you should never do as an affiliate marketer and why explained in great detail. Most affiliates get these four things all wrong, and end up chasing their own tail in circles before making their first sale. Affiliate marketing is very easy if you are making money, but if you’re not this will be the most frustrating period of time in your life.

Never Sell Worthless Junk

This is most always cause by greed, when the slight opportunity for fast money pushes out the soul of common sense. Often when an affiliate finds a good niche with plenty of traffic, but very little sites producing info in that niche, then the affiliate races to put out the very first bit of information that comes with a good sales page, with an untested product or a product the affiliate knows is no good at all.

Never Not Know Your Product

Always get to know your product by reading reviews. As an affiliate you will come to know the difference between a real review and a fake one. You will come to know those that make a living producing fake reviews, and you will also come to know those that produce honest reviews as well.

You should also try to purchase the produce if it is feasible, in other words if a product cost $200.00 with no money back guarantee, and is paying 2% affiliate commission, it is not a good idea to purchase. And it may not be a good idea to promote either. There are more and more great sale’s pages out there that never mention the word “guarantee”, this is because there is none. So be careful, but on the other hand if a product cost $50.00 and comes with a money back guarantee. Buy it and ask for your money back, this solves two problems one you can test it out, two you get to see if your customer will be treated properly.

Don’t Just Work, Produce Results

Again affiliate marketing is very hard if all you are doing is working and not producing results. You must set goals on traffic, and making money. Never let up on doing new things, and keep in mind if someone else is making money so can you because the internet works the same for everyone.

Remember to track all of your results, their are plenty of tools out there to do this. You just need one, so don’t make a text book out of this by trying out three or four. I found the best ones to be free, from Google webmasters tools.

You must many sources of traffic, but one main source of traffic. It can be a social network, blogging, article marketing, or search engine, and 50% to 70% of your marketing time should be spent there.

Rules To Remember

  1. Most of your marketing efforts will fail 80% – 90% of the time, but that 10% – 20% will lead to a full-time income plus more.
  2. Fast money efforts will always waste time, and take you off of your road. Do go chasing rabbits.
  3. Stay with the basics and only market good products, get your name and company out there as being someone to be trusted.
  4. Join a affiliate marketing group in your area, and exchange ideas. You’ll be surprise at how much you can learn from others so close.

Source by Duke A Dupree

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