Five Important Rules About Keywords For Affiliate Marketing

Five Important Rules About Keywords For Affiliate Marketing

by Jason

Before you even decide what product or program you want to affiliate there is one thing you must do first. Keyword Research, this is one of the most defining factors of your campaign, if you get this wrong you could struggle to get sales and your campaign can fail.

1. How to research keywords, there are a few tools that you can use to research keywords. Google keyword tool is one of the most known tools, to make it easy go search on Google keyword tool and you will find a lot. Even your CEO software have keyword research capabilities. I have even discovered a tool on the internet that enables you see what the competitions keywords are and what they pay for it and even how many clicks they get for each keyword. Ok, know the keyword tools is sorted now what?

2. I like to use Google keyword tool because it works for me. Start by entering keywords in your keyword tool and search, let’s say dog. OK so know you will get a lot of direct keywords and synonyms of the keyword dog. There are also a few columns which you can choose from I normally select view all. Now what I do is to select all the information and paste it into MS Excel and then I put Auto filter on so now I can filter any row that I want and even a few at the same time to extract the information I want.

3. This is now the easy part, for product probability for affiliating I would like medium to low advertising competition so now I go to the advertising column and do a custom filter. The filter must show me all keywords with advertising competition of 60% or less but not less than 20%. The reason for this is if I want to advertise, let’s say through Ad sense I don’t want to pay much for the top position but there must be some sort of competition otherwise that market is dead.

4. Now what you do is sort the average search column so that you see keywords that was searched for not smaller than 4000 searches per month.

5. What you see now is all the keywords that is worth perusing, so what you do now is open Google and search for products you can sell through affiliating that have something to do with dogs, like dog food or dog training programs, dog books, dog anything well the possibilities are endless.

To make it better you can choose a good keyword and register a domain with that name, for example dog care without the space dot what you want. This will help in your quest for Google ranking. What did you get out of this keyword research, you determined if this is a viable keyword to pursue for affiliating. This is just one dimension of the information you analyzed there are a lot of possibilities how to monetize this keywords but the basics is that you need to follow the data and not the other way around.

Source by Francois Daniel Joubert

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