Essential Elements of Email Content

Essential Elements of Email Content

by Jason

– Improve your content and improve your email campaign results.

These simple steps are essential to any good email campaign:

1. Tease the offer in the Subject Line.
Let your customers know what value they're going to for reading your e-mail in the subject line. As your customers scan their e-mail, have yours stand out with a creative and compelling offer. It's important to remember to make sure that your subject is relevant to the body copy.

2. Pay it off early.
Get to the point. Do not wait to the end of your note to explain the offer. If you wait too long and put the offer too far down in the copy, then you risk losing the customer before they've even read what you want them to see.

3. Ask for the Sale.
You're not going to sell anything if you do not ask for the sale. A good rule of thumb is to make the ask at least twice. Once above the fold, and again later or in closing. If you're talking about a specific product or offer, then you should link directly to the product page not just to the home page.

4. Keep it short.
You should use paragraphs to break your e-mail into digestible pieces but try to limit it to three or four paragraphs.

5. Encourage forwarding.
People like to share great offers with their friends, ask and encourage them to forward your message. But make sure you make it easy to opt-in and out out in the event that the person receiving your e-mail.

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