Emerging Trends on Reputation Management to Note in 2016

Emerging Trends on Reputation Management to Note in 2016

by Jason

Brand Recognition not only concerns with market share and media penetration. Standing in the era of tech-dominance, businesses must draw significant attention on shaping customer perception. Alike search engine rankings and content management, online reputation also impels on conversion rates. Thus, reputation management acts as the secret pathway to success.

In 2016, thankfully, experts have come with a series of ways to shape your online reputation shine.

The task is no more limited to SEO

Earlier, this entire process was part of Search Engine Optimization that facilitated the Google results to show positive and relevant links. But, in 2016, it will get a wider picture, thereby becoming an expansive umbrella for all the marketing messages sent to the community. On an advisable note, here's what you have to do to manage the online reputation of your brand in 2016.

Social listening

It is becoming more crucial. Monitoring what people are saying about your offerings, brand, business rivals and industry will give an idea about where your brand stands and what are the possible suggestions for improving it. Addressing the honest feedback of clients over social media will help you to make significant improvements.

User-generated content

Beside the web-design and marketing agencies, there are a number of users who produce content everyday including images, videos, tweets, vines and many more. In 2016, the marketing strategy and actions of yours can potentially influence the type of content your viewers generations. Thus, try to reap the underlining benefits of it by making it an effective marketing material.

Client Reviews and Testimonials

Be it Google, glassdoor or Yelp, you must lure the consumers to share pleasures experiences with the world. Surprisingly, food and beverages, beauty and movie industries are mostly built on reviews and it serves as the base for online reputation. This trend is going to expand in other industries as well in 2016.

Try to attract the customers and educate them, as they act as your best marketers and of course, neverless, work in consideration to the bad reviews as well.

Community engagement

Viewers have already seen millions of the 'good self-approved' declarations and are quite immune to them. Try something different. Focus on showing them what sets you apart from the competitors. When the consumer Googles you, will they be able to come across any blog post of their interest? Will they be able to relate you as a part of their own world? That's what you need to target for facilitating greater community engagement.

Final word

Reputation management certainly takes time and the company requires a consistent strategy and approach to succeed. Reputation is more like a long-term ROI and not a holiday sale. So, your strategy must show a perfect amalgam of your business goals and ongoing trends of the industry to build a reliable brand image and sustain in the long run.

Source by Ritika Basu

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