Email Selling Tips – 3 Personal Power Tips To Make More Money Through Email Marketing

Email Selling Tips – 3 Personal Power Tips To Make More Money Through Email Marketing

by Jason

Here are some of my own personal email selling tips that I really think will benefit you. Email marketing is all about how much money you can make per lead and then getting as many of those leads as possible. These tips should help you on both of those counts.

Link Often

Some marketers make the mistake of hard ever putting links in their emails. Then, when they do actually want to sell something, the appearance of a sudden link can look suspicious to readers and hardly anyone will click on them.

Get your readers used to clicking your links by putting at least one or two in every single email that you send. Each link does not have to be an affiliate offer – in fact, it is better if they are not. Get your readers used to clicking your links and getting quality information and then you will have no trouble in getting them to view your offers that you occasionally also drop as a link.

Be Careful With Ad Swaps

Ad swaps are a great way to inflate the numbers in your list. They are best done once you have reached 500 subscribers.

Be sure to check the quality of the lists that you are doing ad swaps with. Ask the list owner if you can see his archives.

This is because if you send your readers to a list that is terrible and even "spammy" then they will lose all trust for you. You recommended something to them and it turned out bad – so why would they ever trust you when you try to recommend products to them?

Try Capturing Emails Only And Test

In some niches, just asking for the email address can get you better results in terms of how many people subscribe. In other niches, asking for the first name and email address is better.

The only way to know for sure for your own situation is to test it. Test and see which ones performances better then stick with it. This is a great example of how a tiny change, if tested, can yield more results for the lifetime of the list and it cost you barely a moment of your time.

Source by Chris J. Kent

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