Email Marketing Solutions

Email Marketing Solutions

by Jason

With the rise of utilizing email for your main form of marketing, comes the demand for an all in one email marketing solution known as an auto responder. Auto responders have become total email marketing solutions by providing almost every option needed to deliver your email as well as options you may never use. Some of the most popular options are listed below.

To begin most auto responder providers have worked out deals with top email providers enabling you to reach more customers, by including them that you are not using their system to spam customers. Using an auto responder will help keep your customers up to date with what you are doing and ensure they do not forget you, and your product or service.

You can create an unlimited number of lists as well as messages in each list. This allows you to customize your topics, to deliver exactly what your reader is interested in. If you are interested in testing different presentations, to see which one gets more response, you can even set up your own split testing.

If you are looking for a way to send emails to your list on day #X, or X # of days after the prior message, auto responders have you covered. This is especially handy if you are delivering training via email. Just load each message specifying the days each message get delivered and you do not have to do anything else.

You can also deliver your business newsletter. Most providers also have templates that you can use if you do not have a template of your own. Some may even offer an archiving option.
Messages can be delivered via text or html. Several providers also allow you to send both formats so your customers will very definitely decide how they want to view your message.

If you are going on vacation and want to make sure your business keeps running while you are away, you can pre-write your messages. Just pre-load your message and mark for delivery on a specified date, and even within a certain time frame.

Are you running a special that you want to send to each list? You can send a broadcast email to multiple lists at once. This is also handy to use if you have a time or date specific email you want to send. You do not have to worry about delivering an email that is out of date.

Most of the top auto responders provide a built in spam checker, so you can see what your spam rating is, as well as exactly what caused that rating so you can adjust if necessary.

Utilizing an auto responder is the best option for providing total email marketing solutions.

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