Email Marketing – Simple 4-Step Formula To Make More Sales

Email Marketing – Simple 4-Step Formula To Make More Sales

by Jason

If you want to learn to make more sales from email marketing, it is crucial you follow a proven formula. Well here's the one I use in my email marketing:

1. Get Your Subscribers To Open Your Email

If your subscribers never open your email, well, you're a dead duck. This is the first thing you have to overcome. And you can do it by writing an intriguing, benefit-laden subject line that gets your subscribers wanting to open your email right away.

2. Give Out Free Content

Do not continuously pitch products to your list, if you can help it. You must send out content to your list at no cost on a consistent basis to build trust with them. If your subscribers do not see any value in staying on your list, you guessed it, they will hit the unsubscribe link sooner rather than later.

3. Get Your Subscribers To Click Through To Your Links

The next step after your subscribers open your email and read it is to click on your links. This is important because if your subscribers do not see the need to click on your links, you will not make any money from your products or your recommendations. Always include a call-to-action in your emails.

4. Offer Bonuses To Your Products

If you are promoting your own product, or even if you are promoting an affiliate product, always give out free bonuses that accompany the product. This increases the perceived value of your offer and you will make more sales of your product.

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