Email Marketing Reviews – Aweber

Email Marketing Reviews – Aweber

by Jason

Aweber is an autoresponder. It allows you to create campaigns that you can set and forget to market your sites and products to new prospects automatically. You can also send emails to your list as and when you require.

It really is necessary to have another company sending your emails in this day and age, because with the level of spam emails if you send emails from you own IP or server you will highly likely be marked as an email spammer not. Without the resources to negotiate mail delivery you can expect maybe a maximum of 50% of your emails actually make it to people's inboxes if you're lucky.

Aweber do that negotiation and they get your emails delivered quickly. They go beyond this too and supply you with statistics about who opens and clicks which links inside your email. This is ridiculously important information to any business. A skilled marketer can take that information and come up with ideas about what to change to generate more sales.

It's been said that a prospect can require up to 7 views of your sales message before they make a purchase. I do not have the statistics to prove this accurately but bottom line, getting them to see your message over and over again develop a level of trust between them and you and your product. It's the basis of brand marketing. If they see it enough times and they know other people buy it then it must be at least fairly good.

Using Aweber you can refine your marketing message easily. They support split testing where you fire a bunch of different emails to your list all aimed at the same offer to see which is the most effective at generating sales. A lot of businesses plain forget to do this even on their actual websites, because it can be tedious especially as some platforms do not support it very well if at all.

Aweber has everything a marketer needs to become profitable, and push the boundaries of their business. A lot of the extras they have such as newsletter templates, and unblockable "hover popup" sign up forms are nice extras above and beyond the core components. But the core components are what is important, the deliverability rate and detailed reporting. It is definitely one of the top services in it's field and you will not even come close to it with a custom made script from a top programmer.

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