Email Marketing – How 1 Short Email Can Make More Money Than Most People Make In A Week

Email Marketing – How 1 Short Email Can Make More Money Than Most People Make In A Week

by Jason

If there is one crucible lesson that I have learned in my 5 years of marketing online, it is that the email mailing list is the most crucial asset of any online business owner. Some marketers remain stubborn and decide not to build a mailing listing, citing reasons like their niche is not 'suitable' for it, or that they make more sales without building a list. It's total rubbish! Any marketer with the ability of sending email follow-ups to their subscribers is always going to make more money over the long-term than if he did not build a list and simply let visitors leave their page without capturing their contact information.

It is possible to make thousands with an email to your list. Yes, just one email! I've personally spent about 10 minutes crafting an email and sending it out to my list. A few hours later, hundreds of dollars fill up my Clickbank account with Swiss clockwork efficiency. And this happens on a regular basis! It's like a money machine that I can turn on anytime I want.

Here is how you can write a short email that generates tons of money:

1. Make Readers Curious

Get your subscribers curious to open your emails every time with powerful, curiosity inciting subject lines. Do not be totally misleading, but do not be totally boring either! I've seen some marketers who are supposedly 'big name' marketers with great reputations in forums, but their click-through rates are horrendous. How do I know their click-through rate? Some of them send YouTube videos to their list, and I can see how many views their videos got. It's nothing to shout about! This shows that top marketers are just 'top marketers' because of the façade they create. You can emulate them.

2. Write 'Addictive' Subject Lines

The key to getting subscribers curious is to write 'addictive' subject lines. Your subject lines must be so interesting that your subscribers will be keen to open them every time and look forward to your emails!

3. Use Neat Formatting

Keep each line of your email to no more than 60 characters to keep it neat and easy to read. The more subscribers who read through the whole of your email, the better response rate you will get.

Connect With What They Want

Promote products that your subscribers want. You can find this out easily by sending them a simple survey. When you find products that convert well for you, add them in your automatic autoresponder follow-up series.

Source by Fabian Tan

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