Email Marketing For Recruiters: How And Why To Start Up Your Campaign

Email Marketing For Recruiters: How And Why To Start Up Your Campaign

by Jason

There are few online marketing techniques as effective as email marketing. Despite constant predictions about the imminent demise of emails, this remains a very powerful technique for recruiters and recruitment business owners. Here is a quick guide to explaining why is so effective and providing advice on how to set up your own campaign.

Benefits of Email Marketing

The most successful forms of marketing for recruitment agencies involve regularly getting your brand in front of high-target candidates and clients, and that is exactly what marketing via email can achieve. The very nature of marketing in this way means that the only people who receive your emails are those who have actively expressed an interest in receiving them – and these are your most important targets.

In addition, email marketing:

– is cheap to set up and maintain.

– allows you to provide real-time updates for new jobs and important information.

– is an excellent way to improve your brand image and boost your reputation by providing valuable content.

Common Pitfalls

Since the benefits of sending out emails to highly targeted prospects, there are a number of common pitfalls to avoid when you first start your first campaign. These include:

– sending out too many emails, which can quickly annoy the recipients and encourage them to unsubscribe.

– failing to provide sufficient substance in your email content, which can affect open rates.

– failing to make the unsubscribe option clear enough, which can see your emails get marked as spam instead.

How to Increase Your Open Rate

The biggest challenge with email is ensuring that recipients actually open your emails once they have signed up to receive them. You can track the open rate of your emails using tools provided by most email marketing platforms, and if you see that yours are particularly low you could be doing something wrong.

To improve your open rates, make sure that your subject lines are compelling and tempt people to click on them. Your emails will be competitive with hundreds of others, and you only get a split second to get noticed.

More importantly, ensure that the content that you include in your emails is useful and valuable to the recipients. Email marketing for recruiters works best when the recipients are actively looking out for your emails, and that is the goal you should aspire to.

You do not have to stick to sending out the latest job offers: you can also include articles providing advice, information and tips that will be of use to jobseekers. The more effort you put into your emails, the more you will get out of the technique.

How to Get Started with Email Marketing

It is not hard to start up an email marketing campaign. The basic process involves:

– signing up with a dedicated service like Aweber, Mailchimp or infusionsoft which makes the whole process easier.

– creating a 'bribe' to encourage people to sign up to receive emails. This could be an eBook or something else of value that you give away free to recipients.

– creating an initial auto responder series that all new signups will receive. This could combine five to 10 emails providing useful job hunting tips or other information.

– writing a 'broadcast' email that you can send out to your entire list instantly.

After that, all you have to do is continue to send out regular emails on a weekly or monthly basis and watch your list grow.

Start Building Your List

Email marketing is simple to set up, but it may take a while before you build a large database of contacts. However, if you are consistent and continue to send out valuable emails on a regular basis, your list will start to grow, and soon you may start to think of this list as your most important marketing asset.

Source by Denise Oyston

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