Email Marketing and GVO – The Perfect Combination

Email Marketing and GVO – The Perfect Combination

by Jason

Every e-mail marketer must have heard about Aseeber. It is a online service that allows you to control your email marketing campaigns on a easy and comprehensive way. They offer a lot of interesting features to boost up your campaigns, such as: embedding a sign up form to a website, managing and creating auto-responders, and everything the e-mail marketer needs. On this article I'll discuss some of the most relevant point of why one should subscribe to Aweber service and I'll also review another interesting mailing list service. Lets get it started.

As mentioned before, the features of AWeber are indicative for e mail marketers. Building a solid mailing list from a sign up form that can be placed on your website is priceless. You do not have to manage those SQL databases, the list is build automatically for you, on the ACEber back office.

Once you have a list build, you have to configure the automatic responders, which should start with a welcome email. Then comes the follow ups email, that depends on what you are focusing on.

Let's say you are advertising an affiliate program. You want your subscribers to learn more about this program and extremely subscribe to it, using your referral link. That is what you need to do: write a series of e-mail, do not make then too long, pointing the positive points of the program. Do not forget to put your affiliate link on each e-mail.

Then, you have to schedule when your list will receive those e-mails. Let's say on a 4 day basis. It only takes seconds to configure this on Aweber and they also offer you e-mail templates to make the process easy.

Unfortunately, Aweber has a price. It costs $ 49 monthly for 5000 subscribers on your list. But, its not very expensive right? Considering all the stuff it offer?

If you are considering starting a membership on AWEber, let me show you another mailing service. Actually, it is far more complete then mailing alone. It also offers a 70GB hosting plan, Video Hosting, Online Conference, Hosting Reseller and the possibility to make an insane amount of money in referral fees on a MLM approach.

The price? The UNLIMITED subscribers mailing list service and all the other features for only $ 44.95 monthly. But you can take a 30 days trial for just $ 1, using all the tools the current members have available.

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