Email Marketing – 10 of the Best Email Marketing Subscription Sources

Email Marketing – 10 of the Best Email Marketing Subscription Sources

by Jason

Because email marketing is all about getting as many eager email subscribers to your list as possible; here are 10 of the best email marketing subscription sources that most successful email marketing "gurus" use to acquire their targeted subscribers.

1 – You Are Personally The Best Email Marketing Subscription Source.

Most people never take full advantage of their own potential. If you use your own good common sense, you can reach new subscribers using any of the following email marketing subscription sources:

Your Own Email Signatures:

Email discussion lists are a potential goldmine for new sign ups. However, do not just grab their email addresses. Instead, place your subscription URL address, along with your 'call to action', in your signature line. This way if anyone is interested, they will sign up to your newsletter or free. This is one of the best email marketing subscription sources available to newcomers.

Use Online And Offline Networking:

There is always a place to put your subscribe page on your online profile, on your business card, in your power point business presentation, or in any other location you can think of. Take full advantage of your own potential and use your imagination to come up with other networking possibilities.

Use Your Blog:

Blogs are one of the best email marketing subscription sources that most successful email marketers use to acquire targeted subscribers. Blogs are targeted to specific topics and when you provide your visitors with good useful content, and follow it with a call to action telling them why they should subscribe to your list, you will find your list steadily growing.

Use Online Forums:

Almost every online forum will allow you to include links back to your website. However, instead of following the crowd and putting in your website URL; use the URL for your squeeze page, and suggest something like "Sign up to my newsletter to get free tips and helpful information directly into your mailbox". This tactic will give you laser targeted subscribers, especially if you have been posting useful engaging information on the forum.

Think About Using Other Email Newsletters and Lists:

If you already subscribe to email newsletters, you may find overlapping topics that can provide you with email subscription sources you can use.

2 – Forwarded Emails.

Always include subscription options, or persuasive web links in your subscriber messages, to make it easy for people to sign up to your list. These links are not intended for your existing subscribers, but for the other people your subscribers forward emails to. Forward emails serve as both an endorsement, and a freebie sample of your best work; which is why they are of the best email marketing subscription sources.

3 – Using 'Recommend A Friend' Forms.

A common way to get your current subscribers to bring their friends into your "fold", is through 'Member Get Member' or 'Recommend A Friend' forms. Instead of asking your subscribers, offer them an incentive of some sort to recommend your subscription form to their friends. The form sends a customized email to each of the friends that they submit, telling them about your neat site, or just giving them a freebie and a 'Thank You'. You can also give out prizes or offer a freebie for each member they recommend; but be careful with spam when using this technique.

4. Incentives As A Subscription Source

Incentives work; and are one of the best email marketing subscription sources; that's why everyone uses them!

You can get sign ups from free gifts using one of there proven methods listed below:

Subscriptions Before

The subscriber can not receive the free gift before they give you their email address. This is probably the most widely used method.

Subscriptions After

A free ebook, document, or video page is given out containing links that encourage signing up, but that does not require an opt in to receive the document. Many blogs work this way. So do video tutorials that allow you to watch part one of the training, but require you to opt in to get the second part, and so on.

Subscriptions Both Before and After

This method is the most advanced and gives free open content, gets the opt in, and then strengthens the subscription with additional permissions to the subscriber. A dispute relationship is developed when the reader becomes the subscriber, and the subscriber then becomes a customer.

5 – Viral Email Marketing

One of the best email subscription sources is viral email marketing. Anything that people freely and vigorously pass around is considered viral, and can be used with the same 'before' and 'after' approaches as incentives. Viral email marketing is an effective opt in delivery system, because people are willing and actually want to pass the information along to other individuals.

6 – Bloggers

Bloggers are a great source of email subscribers. Using reviews, they review your download, video, or whatever and when their readers click to get it, they opt in.

If your newsletter or other active focuses on the blogger's topic, they will link to it when they discuss your topic and provide you with an opt in.

With guest posting, you can mention your newsletter in your attribution line with a sign up link. 'Sign up to get additional helpful tips here'

7. Partner Giveaways

Partner giveaways are one of the best email marketing subscription sources. They work when multiple email marketers "pool" their resources, and give away one or more of their own products from a single website, to each of their subscriber lists. When the subscribers take advantage of the free products, graphics, videos, software or whatever; they must opt ​​in to receive the product from each member and their emails are then shared by all the partners. Usually you must already have a working list of at least 300 subscribers, in order to be considered in a partnership giveaway.

8. Using Lists From Other Email List Owners

Networking with other list owners can be one of the best email marketing subscription sources. These people have already demonstrated the willingness to subscribe to someone's list. Unlike purchasing email subscriber lists, which I suggest you NEVER do; referrals from other list owners work!

9 – Using Affiliates As Subscription Sources

Using affiliates to promote your email list is something that I have not personally tried. However, I'm sure you can get affiliates to send visitors to your free bonus URL, as long as you provide some monetary compensation for them. Offering a commission on any sales where the affiliate sends visitors to get your free subscriber bonus, and the visitor then purchases a product connected to the sign up, sounds like a Win Win proposal to me.

10 – Paid Email Advertising

Paid advertising can be effective, but for newbies to email marketing, it's usually not the first pick. If you decide on this method, make sure you're getting the best price per lead by regularly testing the Return On your Investment.

Although there are many variations of the above tactics, using some or all of these 10 best email marketing subscription sources in your marketing is sure to get more people on your list and improve your bottom line.

Source by John Neila

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