Easy Ways to Find a List of Free Public Proxy Servers

Easy Ways to Find a List of Free Public Proxy Servers

by Jason

Public proxy servers, or web proxies, provide a simplest way to bypass firewall filters, protect your IP information, and increase download speed. Although some of proxies charge a service fee, there are many free ones available. In this article, I will introduce you some easy ways to get a list of free public proxy servers.

A lot of people use search engines like Google to hunt for a web proxy. However, I don’t recommend you to start with that. This is because, first you often spend more time on filtering out those irrelevant search results; second, many proxies with higher Google ranking are quite old, chances are they have already been blocked by your network provider.

Based on my experience, the easiest way to get a public proxy list is through online groups. You can visit either Google Groups or Yahoo Groups, and then search by the keyword “Proxy”, you will get a plenty of returns. Some of those groups provide a daily update on fresh proxies. What you can do is to join one which has a large number of members. In membership settings, you can choose to read groups though a digest email. It will bundle all new messages into a single email and send to you on the daily basis. Doing so, you can get latest proxy sites by simply checking your email.

The second easy way to get free proxies is through dynamic proxy list sites. The most famous one is Tech-Faq.com. It is used by many site owners to submit their new Internet proxy servers. Therefore, you often find more than 50 fresh ones listed in a single day. In addition, you can get information such as site speed, age, and visits.

The third place to look at is some big name sites in the proxy industry such as Proxy.org. You can find not only thousands of web proxies listed on its site but also a wealth of information on Proxy in general. Moreover, if you have some specific needs, such as getting proxy servers located in US or UK only, Proxy.org provides you many helpful search criteria such as by Country, ISP, or Software.

Another easy way is to check social network sites such as MySpace and Facebook. Because they are the top sites people visit through proxy, you often find many public proxies posted on their social groups, forums, or bulletins.

In conclusion, there are many places you can easily get a list of free public proxy servers such as online proxy groups, proxy list sites, proxy authority sites, and social network sites. Once you apply those methods, you will never be short of fresh public proxies.

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