Earn Quick Money With Unwanted Items

by Jason

There’s something about the phrase earn quick money that sounds unethical or immoral. But the fact of the matter is there really are some good legal ways to earn quick money today.

Think about what you have at your fingertips right now. Can you utilize your computer to earn quick money? Can you do some physical work or do you think you can sell? These are the questions to consider.

First of all, what do you have that you can sell? As you’ve no doubt heard, one person’s junk is another person’s treasure. You can sell your stuff at a garage sale or on eBay.

– EBay is great because you have the world as your customer. More things are bought and sold on eBay than anyplace in the world. You can get an account for free and can be up and running quickly.

– Craigslist is another way to use the internet to sell things. It’s a classified online website that allows anyone to advertise and sell almost anything for free. Like eBay you can get signed up for free and can do this very fast.

Craigslist is like having a garage sale online. It will be important for you to take pictures of your items for sale and to write a good ad detailing the items. The more you can tell the readers about your stuff the better chance you have of selling it.

With eBay and Craigslist you’ll want to get your money before giving up the items. You’ll want to utilize PayPal for eBay. This is also easy to sign up for. You can get a PayPay debit card or have money direct-deposited.

With Craigslist you’ll want to make it a “cash only, no-returns proposition”. One problem selling things on Craig’s list is people say they will buy something and then do not actually show up. So you must make it clear that it’s first-come first-served.

– Of course there is the traditional garage sales method as well. There are people in my neighborhood who have garage sales every weekend during the summer and fall.

In addition to selling their own unwanted items they go around and find things that others are either giving away for free or real cheap. They then re-sell them at their garage sales. A neighbor makes her house payments doing this.

These new-found items can also be sold on eBay or Craigslist.

Source by C Mark Babcock

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