Cost Per Action And Cost Per Lead Marketing – The Easy Way To Online Profits

Cost Per Action And Cost Per Lead Marketing – The Easy Way To Online Profits

by Jason

Cost Per Action and Cost Per Lead marketing are two of the easiest ways for beginning online marketers to start earning money online.

Cost Per Action, sometimes referred to as “CPA” is a form of online marketing that request a consumer to complete a specific action. This usually entails filling out a form and requesting a free product sample, signing up for a free trial or in some cases request the consumer to try a new product by making a minor purchase.

Another great form of marketing for beginning online marketers is called Cost Per Lead marketing. This is a form of online marketing that is based on collecting leads for a particular product or service. Cost Per Lead or CPL marketing campaigns are usually high volume and lightweight in nature. CPL campaigns request consumers submit only basic contact information. The transaction can be as simple as submitting an email address with a zip code.

In contrast, CPA campaigns are usually low volume and complex. Typically, consumer has to submit credit card and other detailed information. The request for more action by the consumer in most cases produces less actions or conversions than CPL marketing campaigns.

Both CPA and CPL marketing campaigns requires the consumer to do more than just clicking on a link. Once the reader performs the required action the originating marketer or advertisement publisher is paid a small fee for advertising the offer. CPA offers tend to pay a slightly higher commission to the advertiser than CPL offers due to the additional effort required by the consumer.

CPA and CPL offers can pay very nicely and are much easier to deploy than traditional offers that require the consumer to make a purchase. Particularly those CPA and CPL offers that only require the reader to simply fill in personal information for a survey or provide small amounts of information. Those offers that ask readers to sign up for a free trial or sign up to receive a free sample of a product convert very well.

The idea is to deploy a CPA or CPL offers and have 30 people sign up for a free trail or complete a survey which pays $2.00 per offer versus deploying a single traditional offer that requires 1 person to make a $30.00 purchase. With CPA offers you need to ask yourself is it better to have one person convert or take action and purchase a $30.00 product or have 20 people perform a desired action for a commission of $2 per action?

Much first time CPA and CPL publishers will ignore offers that pay smaller commissions as they are enticed by higher paying CPA offers. This is potentially a mistake as smaller CPA and CPL offers tend to have greater conversion rates because they request less of an action by the consumer. It’s much easier for a consumer to submit information requesting a free sample of a product than to reach for a credit card to make a purchase of a product.

Content for CPA and CPL offers are ready made, including graphic design and text so there is very little technical skills required. This is great news for the “newbie” or non technical online marketer because there is no need to learn how to build and deploy a complicated web site to deploy these offers. In most cases it’s simply a matter of copying code for the offer and pasting it into a blog or email and you’re ready to advertise the offer and start earning.

If you are new to online marketing and have little or no technical skill, promoting CPA and CPL offers are great ways to start earning money online. These types of campaigns are simple to deploy and easy to track and provide the new online market with a quick and easy path to online profits.

Source by William Lockhart

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