Confidence in Network Marketing

Confidence in Network Marketing

by Jason

Are you a confident person? If you are not confident, it is very hard for you to succeed in network marketing as this business is all about leadership and motivation. How can you lead and motivate your downlines if your assurance is shaky and your posture is flaw.

Sometimes, it is very sad to spot many network marketers struggling to sponsor their very first downline. This is normal, but you must not dwell in this stage for too long as it is detrimental to your assurance. You see, phobia causes inaction, and inaction causes a absence of results and the longer your absence of returns show itself, the more phobia it creates as people in network marketing are getting ahead of you and you are still in the first stage!

Therefore, the first step towards becoming more confident is to TAKE ACTION. By taking action you will regularly gain assurance. They say that a skydiver's biggest phobia is not the leap itself but rather the wait before the leap. As they stare at the raging sky, their phobia intensifies until the moment they step off the plane! Network marketing is just like that. You have to make that first phone call or show your first plan (or run your first opportunity talk). Whatever it is, just get the assignment done.

The next part about developing your assurance is NOT to spend too much time studying network marketing books. A lot of your success depends on your knowledge in network marketing … okay it is unduly very critical. But too much analysis will lead to paralysis. Having too much knowledge without applying it is a guaranteed way to network marketing defeat. The 'tombs' of many unprofitable distributors are filled with people with all the knowledge about network marketing … except how to take action and make money with that knowledge.

Another way to build your assurance is to focus on expanding your network personally.

Sometimes, a distributor can spend so much time with their ONE golden downline, that they become too dependent on that one line. Very soon, you will see your downline climbing up even to the point of surpassing you. When your downline starts earning more money than you, your own upline may wind up spending more time with him or her and that would greatly shake your assurance! So do not rest, always go out there and sponsor more people personally rather than yourself.

Lastly, if you have little assurance when it comes to sponsoring, you can consider generating leads on the Internet. You face less rejections that way and you can still pitch your offer without the phobia of people saying no directly in your face.

Source by Cherie Ang Chen Li

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