Cafe World Cheats Make Money Fast In Cafe World

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Cafe World Cheats Make Money Fast In Cafe World

Like just about any other Facebook game out there right now, the goal of most Café World fans is to make as many coins as possible. The cost of getting all that extra Café Cash is largely prohibitive at best, but coins can be gathered relatively easily and in large amounts, depending greatly on how much time you have to invest into the game each day. If you spend hours a day playing the game, you’ll make a lot of coins. But, there are some things that work better than others – hence, this article. Let’s take a look at some top coin making tricks for Café World.

Creating a Schedule that Works

Cafe World is built around the idea of you being logged into the game and playing as much as possible. If you cannot do that, you need to adjust your game play strategy so that you can still make a decent chunk of coin without being online all the time.

How do you do that? To start with, you immediately cut out all the items that are cooked right away. If you’re not logged on to the game more than once every 24 hours, you should not be cooking bacon or cheeseburgers that can be done in just 5 minutes. You should be cooking stews and pot roast – dishes that will take a full 24 hours to complete.

If you don’t cook dishes that take that entire timeframe to cook, you’re going to be stuck with a whole array of spoiled food, which is ultimately wasted coins that could have gone toward other dishes or upgrades to your café.

So, you should create a schedule, even if you just do it in your head real quick. When can you login each day and for how long? If you know you’re going to be online all day, such as on a Saturday, feel free to cook up those short dishes.

The Right Balance

Just because a dish fits you time frame doesn’t mean it’s a valuable dish though. You also need to be sure that it has a good coin per hour rate. To determine the coin per hour rate, divide the number of coins you will make by the hours it takes you to cook and serve that dish. For example, if you will make 100 coins with a dish that takes 4 hours to cook, the coin per hour rate is 25 coins.

In addition to finding dishes with high coin per hour rates that match your schedule, you can visit your fellow players and help them out around their cafes. This might seem like a little extra work, but you can make 20 coins per visit you make to each friend on your neighbors list each day. There is a cap of 20 visits per day, but that’s still 400 coins a day just for doing a little traveling.

What you do with your coins is entirely up to you, but you may as well have a lot of them to make that decision with. Cook the right dishes, do some visiting and have fun decorating your café as much as possible.

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