Bum Marketing – Is Affiliate Marketing a Great Low Cost Way to Make Money Online?

Bum Marketing – Is Affiliate Marketing a Great Low Cost Way to Make Money Online?

by Jason

Bum marketing is a term that was conceivable from the idea that affiliate marketing was so easy that any bum off the street could walk into a library, use a computer and make money online. It is basically a low cost form of affiliate marketing or marketing other people's products online for a commission.

So is bum marketing a great low cost way to make money online from home?

Yes if you are prepared to put the work into it to get results. Unfortunately it is not a matter of turning on your computer and the money flows out your DVD drive like it does out of an ATM. Do not laugh but I am sure sometimes a few other marketers want people to believe it does.

Bum marketing or low cost affiliate marketing uses free methods to promote other people's products to earn a commission on each sale. The commission can be as high as 75% so it can be very lucrative.

The bum marketing method can be used to sell anything online from physical products such as clothes, shoes, books to digital products such as ebooks, scripts or software. The commission rate on physical products is generally only about 5 to 10% but on digital products it can be as high as 75%. This makes digital products far more lucrative than physical products. The other great thing about digital products is that people today want things immediately so their instant download to their computer is very appealing to them.

With bum marketing you can start with just a computer, internet connection and some know how. You do not need those programs costing hundreds of dollars to be successful. In fact, these expensive programs can be more of a hindrance than a benefit because they can lead to information overload where it is not unusual for someone to become so confused they are scared to do anything. This is not good as you need to take action to succeed with bum marketing. Just remember that it is in these marketers interests for you to fail so that they can sell you more products to make money online from home as that is how they make money.

What you need to do to get started with the bum marketing method is to find a guide or blueprint written by someone who knows the business and started out with no experience but a determination to succeed. Find the simplest form of advice you can as you do not want to get confused with all the internet jargon. You want something that is simple to follow but works.

Source by Kerrie Sheehan

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