Building Your Email Marketing List With Free Gifts

Building Your Email Marketing List With Free Gifts

by Jason

One of the keys to success in your business is building a responsive list of potential customers. This list can be used over and over again to promote offers to. As your list grows so will your sales. Having a list and keeping in touch with your subscribers will build up a good relationship with them and over time you will convert many people on your list into loyal customers.

One of the easiest ways to begin building your list is through free gifts. In fact this is how most people build their lists. There are a three ways to do this.

  • Free newsletter: when you get people to sign up for your free newsletter on your website you can capture email addresses and start to build your list. The way to make this work well is to offer a quality publication with informative articles and tips. Remember not to put too many offers in your newsletter or you will lose subscribers and reduce open rates.
  • Free reports: write a free report about something of interest to your readers. You can put 2 links within the report. One for a product and the other should be a link to your newsletter or blog. The report should be interesting to your readers and contain information that excites their curiosity to know more about your product.
  • Free mini course: these can be five or seven days long. They will be useful lessons delivered via your autoresponder usually on a daily basis. At the bottom of each lesson will be a small ad of around two to three lines offering a product that is related to the mini course.

Here are some tips to make these methods work.

  • Always give away gifts that are useful and interesting to your market. In this way you will attract people who are interested in what you are offering.
  • Continue to follow up with your subscribers. With a free newsletter this is easy as you will send your newsletter once a week or every two weeks. Once in a while you can send special announcements about offers.
  • If you are building your list with a free report or mini course you will need to set up an autoresponder series.
    • These can be articles which are informative and promote a product or reports.
    • They can also be reports on different topics that contain a link to one of your products.
    • You can also remind your list of any new blog posts.
    • Include a small two or three line ad for your product.
  • In order to make these methods work you will need to draw a lot of traffic to your website. try to use as many marketing promotions as you can do achieve this.

Part of building a list is knowing how to retain your subscribers. Here are some ways to do this.

  • Think carefully about the offers you should send out to your list. Always offer useful products to your subscribers. When you do this you will get more sales conversions. You will also retain your subscribers.
  • Make sure all these gifts are written well and offer good quality information. When you do this you will be able to build up a good relationship with your subscribers and once they trust you they will be more responsive to your offers.
  • Do not advertise too often to your subscribers or they will lose interest in your newsletter and unsubscribe or simply not open your emails.
  • Make sure that your newsletter does not have too many ads, three are usually enough for an average newsletter.
  • It is wise not to send your newsletter more than once a week or your subscribers get overwhelmed.

Another important part of list building is making sure that you create a responsive list. You can do this by making sure that your free gifts are extremely targeted to your market. You can check the forums to see what topics people are discussing in your industry and base your reports, mini courses and newsletter articles on this knowledge. You can also take surveys from your current list of subscribers to find out what they would like to know about.

With these points you can easily build a good responsive list using free gifts to capture web site visitor’s email addresses. This is by far the easiest way to build a list and is not as hard as you may think.

Source by Lee Gilbert

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