Book Promotion Using Email Marketing Promotion

Book Promotion Using Email Marketing Promotion

by Jason

You have labored hard and dedicated time and effort to write your book for months. It is finally completed and you felt a sense of satisfaction emanating from within you. Being a smart author, you do realize that a good book written is only as good as a pile of white paper if the knowledge within is not delivered to the readers it is written for. It is akin to shouting out in a secluded island where nobody can hear you. Now the next thing to do would be to ensure that your target audience gets a hold of a copy each! So how do you go about doing that? How about doing a book promotion using email marketing promotion to push sales through the roof?

Book Promotion Using Email Marketing Promotion Increases Readership! Bookinar

The beauty of email marketing promotion is that it is free to be used over and over again once you have harvested and compiled your prospective reader's email list. This way, you are able to launch your new book with visible success. Why is that so? The reason is simple, you are able to inform your readers of what is coming up, what to expect and where to get a copy. Gone was the days of direct mailing which costs a bomb compared to what email marketing can do for your book launch. With just a well written email and a click of a mouse, your potential readers are now aware of your new masterpiece.

You End Up Selling More Books Doing Book Promotion Using Email Marketing Promotion! Bookinar

So what's going to happen when more of your readers got to know of your book? If it deals with the subject of their interest, then it is a sure bet that a good percentage of them will head out and grab a copy? It translates into increased sales. You just ended up selling more books. Now the beauty of using email marketing promotion to promote your books is that you can always follow up with an autoresponder sequence to remind your readers to come buy your book. If you're having a book signing event, you can email the readers that will be close to drop by and that will even boost your popularity with an influx of readers lining up for your signature. See the benefit yet? Other than that, you can also use freebies such as free bookmarks or CDs giveaways to entice buyers who actually show up for the event. The freebies can of course be another form of marketing material which is an entirely another subject for another day.

Make More Money When You Do Book Promotion Using Email Marketing Promotion Bookinar

To step up your conversion rate, you can even create a simple website with your own promotional video and email it to your prospective readers. This makes it more personalized than ever with you looking at them and talking to them. Nothing beats that and the best is, you can not do that via snail mail. With your exposure and conversion boosted up, you are definitely going to end up making more money. So far, if you do not do your book promotion using email marketing, then you are not just losing out to competitive writers but also not helping your readers to get hold of the valuable information you want to share with them.

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