Best Way Affiliates Can Cloak Links To Increase Profits And Traffic

Best Way Affiliates Can Cloak Links To Increase Profits And Traffic

by Jason

One of the mistakes beginner Affiliate Marketers make is not cloaking their affiliate links.

Cloaking links does two things, it makes an affiliate link look more appealing, it hides ugly affiliate urls and it makes your links look more appealing.

Here are two of the most common methods to cloak your links when marketing affiliate products.

The first method is to use a url shortener such as or tiny url. Now whilst these method are fast and free to use, they does not create pretty or professional links or urls.

The link generated from a url shortener usually begins with the name of the site shortener name and ends with a random sequence of numbers and / or letters such a32s4d.

So now we can see that such a url is not appealing in any way, nor is it ideal when quoting a link in a video tutorial, as there is more possibility of the url being misspelled and the visitor ending up on the wrong site.

The second method is to use link cloaking software and it is my preferred method of cloaking my own affiliate links.

By using a link cloaker you can have a link with your own website url or address with an extension after it, such as This keeps your links very professional looking and more appealing. Especially is you set up your link cloaker in a folder named likes, recommends, suggests etc.

You also get backtrack traffic when you cloak your links in this way, people will often see your link, delete back to the original url, ie yoursitename and visit your site. So you can potentially drive traffic to your home page from each and every affiliate link you promote.

Now you know how to cloak your links, be sure and revamp your marketing efforts to ensure you capitalize from the advantages of link cloaking software.

Source by Alex N Neill

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