Are Paid MLM Leads Worth the Money?

Are Paid MLM Leads Worth the Money?

by Jason

Are Paid MLM Leads a Scam?

You just spent an evening listening to some guy you know from work present the latest, greatest MLM home based business opportunity. Much to your surprise, you were actually impressed but you want to research this whole Multi Level Marketing (MLM) or Network Marketing (another name for MLM) thing a little further. You’re a bit concerned since the business model, while attractive, requires generating home based business leads to succeed. How do you find these leads?

People who know a lot of people – friends, relatives, co-workers – are attracted to MLM opportunities precisely because their social network is a great source of free network marketing leads. In most cases, a network like this provides the best MLM leads since people you already know will at least be open to talking with you about the business. But for those who simply don’t have a lot of social contacts, this source of free networking marketing leads won’t generate many names.

If you’re looking for cheap MLM leads, you should know they can be expensive, but they’re readily available. The Internet is loaded with companies selling home based business leads. If you’re concerned that some of these are “scams”, search the net and you’ll learn some things you need to know.

First, these companies sell lead lists to any home based business operator, and the lists are sold again and again. Regardless of whether you’re in MLM or affiliate marketing, you could end up paying for leads that are stale. They’ve been contacted by other business owners, some multiple times.

The second thing you’ll learn is there are a fair number of people out there writing articles pointing out the potential for scamming with paid leads. It’s interesting that many of these articles finish up with a potential scam of their own – costly EBooks or DVDs guaranteed to include everything you need to know to succeed with your own free network marketing leads.

Take the time to talk to some existing MLM business owners and you’ll find many who are constantly shelling out more money on educational support materials and conventions and workshops than they are taking in in revenue. Truth be told, many MLM experts make most of their money selling these educational support materials.

If you’re looking for easy answers, there aren’t any. With a solid MLM opportunity that offers real products that real people actually need, you can generate leads the tried and true way: turn your happy customers into leads.

Source by Robert T Constenalian

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