Affiliate Programs – Success Or Scam?

Affiliate Programs – Success Or Scam?

by Jason

With the economy in it's current depressed state, everyone needs more cash just to get by on a daily basis. Working regular 9 to 5 hours does not give most people any opportunity to increase their income. Every day, on the internet, we are bombarded with advertising and offers for get rich quick schemes, by people professing to be making thousands of dollars every month.

Sounds like a dream come true does not it? Imagine, sitting on your plush leather couch in a good suburb, logging in in a few times a day to check on your stats, send some encouraging emails to your down-liners, checking your bank balance and finding you've hit the Million $ mark . Spending lazy days with your family, or perhaps spending a day on your jet-ski. Laughing at the plebs who battle peak hour traffic in cheap cars and uncomfortable clothes. Knowing you'll never be one of them again!

Is this all possible? I do not know. Before internet marketing, there was (and still is) AMWAY. The basic concept of both is the same as far as I can see. The trick to making money is not selling the product directly, but in creating a multi-tiered downline of people who each create a little income for you. This is the promise of affiliate marketing. You sign people up and earn commission.When they sign up sign people up, you earn commission from those people too.Usually up to a level about 5 deep.

In these situations it is possible to make money, but the Big Dollars require as much time and financial investment as starting any business. Online, this means money spent on advertising and promoting. If you have no idea how to advertise effectively, this can be a cost exercise with little return. Even systems that promote them as guaranteed an 'turn-key' in reality involve some amount of skill and dedication.

From my experience, the kind of programs you should avoid are the ones that ask for money up front before you get to see their program and how it works. I was burnt by one which asked for money only to be told, once I had paid, that I would need to spend several hundred dollars up front before I could even earn a cent. I have attempted to contact them and never received a reply. It seems they make their money exclusively out of agreements earned by signing up to an expensive domain hosting site.

Look for programs that let you explore your avenues for income and give enough information for you to decide whether it's worth donating to their bank account. Look for real names and faces. Only sign up to programs give you real contact details that you can verify. Email and check their replies. Some will even give contact phone numbers. Even better!

Do not go in with your eyes closed. Understand you can not make money if you do not outlay any. Do not sign up for anything too quickly. Spend the time to Google the company names and find out what others have to say about them. And trust your instincts!

Source by Kate Gallagher

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