Affiliate Marketing Traffic – What Choices Do You Have?

Affiliate Marketing Traffic – What Choices Do You Have?

by Jason

When you are first entering the world of affiliate marketing, you will encounter a multitude of opinions on how to set up your business and how to promote your affiliate business. One of the popular views is to drive traffic to your landing page or review site by the use of Pay Per Click advertising.

This not only is the quickest ways to bring traffic to your site but is also one of the most effective. However if you are using Google AdWords for example which represents the most widely used pay per click service, there is much you must get right.

1.You must have effective keyword research, you can use Google keyword suggestion tool and pick site targeted or keyword targeted keywords.

2.You must be able to write effective titles and ad copy. Your ads should be written around tightly targeted keywords.

3.You need to set a sensible budget both per click and per day

Start off slow if you want to pursue this form of marketing, it is easy otherwise to lose a lot of money in a small amount of time and not necessarily see the benefit of your advertising dollars. In my opinion you need to start with free advertising to begin with and while doing this invest in a trusted source to learn all you can about structuring an AdWords campaign.

SEO or search engine optimization although initially time consuming and requiring patience should always be taken seriously, a prime place on the search engines first or second page is not easy to achieve. However if you have the potential for hundreds if not thousands of free visitors.

Not unlike researching a pay per click campaign you need to conduct keyword research on your site. It is virtually impossible to cover all keywords and optimize well for them, but choose your main keywords and start a campaign to get back links to your site an here improve your sites popularity.

So where do you begin, following your keywords you write articles associated with your main keywords. You need to include the keyword in the title and one each paragraph. Within the resource box when submitting to article directories, you hyperlink your keyword and point it at your site. These techniques help with your off page optimization. You can also post to blogs associated with your niche and do a similar strategy when submitting your posts.

The search engines periodically spider through the content of your site, search engines love more new content since the popularity of blogs in recent times. However if you implement an internal article strategy your site will be adding new content on a regular basis and it will be popular with the search engine spiders. The rules regarding the density of your chosen keywords within your article apply with internal article marketing as much as they do when submitting to the directories.

Article marketing in conjunction with SEO is one of the most effective forms of free advertising and my recommendation would be that you should have this within your marketing arsenal.

Source by Christopher Raine

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