Affiliate Marketing Mistakes All Marketers Must Avoid to Succeed

Affiliate Marketing Mistakes All Marketers Must Avoid to Succeed

by Jason

Do you find it hard to make a sale? Are you paying more money to Google for using AdWords than what you make from the AdWords itself? Are you struggling to make ends meet with affiliate marketing?

Do not worry, this is very natural for people who just started to take up affiliate marketing in the first few months. I am once like this but thing will change for the better once you understand that what you are doing now are the common mistakes all affiliate marketers are committing when they first started.

The faster you realize your mistake, the shorter will be your suffering. Here are the 4 mistakes all marketers in the area of ​​affiliate marketing must avoid

1) The Idling Mindset: If you're still thinking that affiliate marketing is simply the placement of some Google AdWords together with some classified ads and you can make sales sitting around doing nothing. You are on the train to total failure. I was once like this when I first started and frankly speaking I actually paid Google for a few months using the AdWords without making a single sales.

Therefore it is time for you to realize that affiliate marketing is actually a real business and the only difference is you are able to do it at the comfort of your home. However the effort and time you need to make your business successful is the same as doing a real business.

2) The "I Know" Mindset: Some marketers thought that they know everything simply because they have read a few e-books. Internet is a constantly changing environment, even the gurus are constantly picking up new books to read so that they are able to keep in pace with the latest stuff. In order to succeed, you should be open to more information and always find some time to digest the information and put them to practice.

3) The "I Want Money Now" Mindset: "You can make a couple of thousands after one month with Affiliate Marketing". Does this sound familiar? This is a typical sales pitch put up by product owners to attract your attention to buy their products. The main reason why most affiliate marketers give up after their first 2 months is because they find that they are unable to make money from it but have instead spent several thousand dollars on either courses, e-books or Google AdWords.

From my observation and discussion with multiple affiliate marketers, I find that the average time to see results in your affiliate marketing business is around 6 to 8 months. All you have to do is put in constant effort to do what you are needed to do in this business for 6 to 8 months and I believe you will definitely see some constant income.

4) The "Buy and Keep" Mindset: I have met multiple marketers who bought the latest new product but never really spend some time going through it. They simply keep it in their e-library in their hard disk. There is no use to buy a lot of products without reading through them and put them into practice. You will never succeed from your last purchase, you will only be able to make money from affiliate marketing if you read and put those latest information and techniques into practice.

The above are some of my personal observation for why most affiliate marketers failed in their affiliate marketing business. You should try your best to avoid them!

To Your Internet Success!

Source by Kelvin Lee

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