Affiliate Marketing Memberships – 4 Signs of a Bad Membership

Affiliate Marketing Memberships – 4 Signs of a Bad Membership

by Jason

Are you interested in affiliate marketing, and looking for a membership website to join? There are a lot of these websites out there, and many of them are quite poorly made. If you come over a membership website with one or more of the following attributes, you should be wary. Here are the attributes:

  1. Only beginner material. If the website only has beginner learning material – and they did not tell you so specifically – something smells fishy. Think of it – how fit do you think the creators of the website are to offer an affiliate marketing learning place, when there’s only learning material for beginners? Chances are that either the makers did not care to make it better, or they didn’t have knowledge enough to do so. Either way, there are better options out there.
  2. Inactive forum. One of the most important aspects of membership websites designed to teach affiliate marketing is the forum. If the forum is inactive it will severely hurt your progress as an affiliate marketer. It can be a result of a low member-count, and that too should ring a bell. The average expertise level of the members that are there is probably not the highest which is not good, since – after all – one of the main benefits of a forum is that you can get help with your problems.
  3. No support. If the affiliate marketing membership website does not offer support you should be wary. Support is important if you get problems with your login, or you just need help understanding learning material. Good membership websites offer fast support in both those areas.
  4. No trial or guarantee. Many websites offer trials or money-back guarantee, which is fantastic because if you don’t like the website you can back out – no problem. If a membership site does not have a trial or a guarantee, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a bad website. Having said that, it seems logical to me that if the owners of the website are confident that they offer a quality learning place, they wouldn’t worry about people wanting their money back. If they do not offer a guarantee or a trial, maybe they are afraid or anticipating that you’ll want a refund?

There are many bad affiliate marketing memberships out there, and it’s a sad thing. Becoming an affiliate marketer is going to be very hard if you do not have proper help and learning material available. I encourage you therefore to do good research before signing up for any membership.

Source by Aleks V

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