Affiliate Marketing – Is Autoresponder More Than A Average List Manager?

Affiliate Marketing – Is Autoresponder More Than A Average List Manager?

by Jason

We all know the importance of list building and one of the best tools that can greatly helps us in the process in listing building is autoresponder. Some people will call autoresponder as a glorified mailing list manager. But have you ever wonder that autoresponders actually do a lot more than a average list manager?

Below are the 4 answers to why autoresponder can do much more things than a average list manager:

1. You will be able to send emails to new subscribers automatically. This will really helps you to save lots of time and trouble.

2. You will be able to email all subscribers or only a selected portion of your subscriber base automatically.

3. You can schedule a preset series of emails that will be send automatically. For example, you can schedule a 2 months email series. Each subscriber will be able to receive the emails in a preset series regardless when the day and time that he subscribes. You do not have to worry about synchronizing the emails.

4. You will be able to look at the valuable data and statistics. You will be able to know how many subscribers have opened their email, how much sales have you made from a given mail and many other details. You will know which area of ​​your business went wrong and improve on it.

These are the 4 reasons why it is just more than a average list manager. It is a very important tool which is vital for any affiliate marketing business. Beside serving its role of sending email, you will also be able to get lots of information. All these functions will make the ideas of doing a online business on autopilot possible. It is not a very expensive tool to invest as it is only around $ 10 to $ 30 per month. You can save all your money on other tools but definitely not this tool.

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