Acai Berry Scams – Don’t Fall for These Scams That Promise You Free Acai Berry Products!

Acai Berry Scams – Don’t Fall for These Scams That Promise You Free Acai Berry Products!

by Jason

Since top celebrities like Oprah and Rachael Ray have come out praising Acai Berry products as the number one weight loss food many people have begun searching for these products. And many have fallen victim to Acai Berry Scams. Here’s how to protect yourself from such scams.

Firstly, Acai berries do help you lose weight. That’s a fact. If you want Acai berry based products then you should make sure you get them from trusted sources.

The first of the two Acai Berry Scams or perhaps deceptive advertising schemes is a pyramid scheme. This scheme requires you to pay a lot of money up front in order to own a franchise to sell Acai berry juice, pills or extracts. Don’t fall for this! The only way you’ll make any money from the scheme is by referring other people and not by selling products. And that’s a recipe for disaster and the makings of a pyramid scheme. If any program wants you to refer other people to it in order for you to make money it’s very possible that it’s a scam.

The second most prominent scam is a bunch of sites that promise Free Acai Berry Pills where you “only” have to pay a small shipping and handling fee. If you don’t read the fine print your credit card will be billed for the entire product which can run you up to $90.00 dollars a month. So be careful and read the fine print. Not all free Acai berry pill sites are Acai berry scams though. There are some legitimate ones but if you visit them make sure that you read the fine print before you order.

Acai berry based products are very helpful in helping you lose weight. The key to finding the best products is to read lots of reviews on the Acai products and read what others are saying about them.

Source by Kevin Dillan

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