A Quick Scentsy Review – from a 3rd Party Perspective

A Quick Scentsy Review – from a 3rd Party Perspective

by Jason

If making earning an income through Scentsy it would be wise to be clear on a few things to start with.

There’s nothing wrong with these points, it’s just that you should know them. After I list them I’ll expound on them on by one.

1. Scentsy has is an mlm, direct sales co.

2. To make a substantial income,a large volume of products must be sold.

3. All of Scentsy’s wax, warmers and other products are to be paid with the order.

4. Your sales volume is what determines what bonus you receive.

5. Scentsy uses the “Party Plan” as their primary sales method.

The term “Direct Sales” is used to identify the means to eliminate the wholesale process. Sales are made by the company’s products going to the retail consumer by means of your efforts.

Scentsy’s products are not high priced, but then a Big Mac doen’t either. money. The same will be true with Scentsy and their products. I mention this only to let you know that you’ll be busy if your making good money.

It is really hard to come across an mlm company that will not require that they receive their money prior to you being paid by your customer. The one direct sales company that doesn’t follow this procedure that I am aware of is Avon. But like most mlm companies, payment is received at the same time the order is made.

A bonus is a bonus is a bonus. The reason it’s called a bonus is because it is only paid for reaching certain sales goals.

When examining the way a pay plan is put together it is easy to think of a bonus as if it were not something to necessarily qualify for. This is a solid business practice and is good for company and the consultant because goals are necessary in business. In any business having a series of goals before you and you take up the challenge to reach it? Something inside us helps to order our activities to reach it.


Your commission is 20% until you reach a thousand dollars in sales that’s when your commission increases to twenty five percent.

A warmer at $30 and 12 wax cubes is $50 ( a years supply) and this comes to $80, $16 commission for you.

To make $500 it would take a little over 31 sales.

To make $1000 it would be some where around 60+ sales.

I just want you to know that any home based business is going to require some planing and a lot of work.

A consultant in Scentsy needs to know that Scentsy allows you to supplement your party plan sales by making sales online. The company does not allow sales to be made on auction sites like eBay but marketing online is fine with them.

In order to get the full use of an internet presence it would only make sense if you learnedto have people searching for you online. Having an online presence has rocketed many home businesses well past those who market strictly off line. By becoming a leader online you are able to make affiliate commissions from people that don’t want to join your opportunity, but say yes to wanting to learn how to market online.

This way you don’t miss out on anything.

“Party Plan” is the primary marketing method Scentsy products are sold. Here are some ideas as to what will be needed to make $500 to $1000 per mo.

Source by Dave Strout

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