6 Ways to Make a Ton of Money With Affiliate Marketing

6 Ways to Make a Ton of Money With Affiliate Marketing

by Jason

In every corner of the globe right now there is an affiliate making a lot of quick money. To some people quick money means small money but in affiliate marketing quick money could be $500 depending on how you plan it. In my opinion making your first $500 is not hard at all, I have seen many lazy affiliates make $500 a month by doing very little.

Not everybody just wants to earn $500. Some of us want even more than that, I know I did. I wanted to make enough money so I did not have to work anymore. Now I’m making enough money for me to just sit back and enjoy my business run itself. Any Affiliate out there who believes in themselves can get on my level.

1. Make sure the product has a healthy market.

I have previous articles, I will tell you do not go for the most competitive product because you will probably fail. By less competition I don’t mean no competition at all, a bit of competition is great.

2. Make sure the product is only available online.

Stuff like Information e-books are very easy to sell because people can download them straightaway and it is only available on the internet. If people had the option to go to the store or buy online. Most would just go to the store.

3.A good paying product

Its easier to make a sale from a $15 health book, than a $90 health book. With the $90 you will have to spend a lot to really effectively promote the product. With the $15 book you don’t have to spend anything or very little.

4. Recurring payment

Many new affiliates just want to make a that one big sale. Thats not the way the way big league affiliates think. A big league affiliate will want a recurring payment because you will get paid every month/week from that sale you made months or years back.

5. Find a mentor

This is very important. Even I had to get a mentor at the begging because I never knew what I was doing. I was putting in so much effort but I saw no money coming in. I found an affiliate mentor who ran an online affiliate marketing community and it was easy to see that they were making a lot of money.

6. Learn from your mentor

Take what your affiliate marketing teacher has said and practice it. If you have a good mentor you will be making a ton of money in no time.

Source by James Wayne Carter

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