5 Affiliate Marketing Business Ideas You Can Steal From Me Right Now

5 Affiliate Marketing Business Ideas You Can Steal From Me Right Now

by Jason

Stop wondering what kind of "niche" you should get into with your affiliate site and just pick one of the ones I'm about to give you. A lot of so-called gurus will recommend you go with a "low competition" niche so you do not have to do any work. Hogwash, I say. The best niches are the ones where the most competition exists. And I've outdone five of them you can take right now for yourself.

1. Web Hosting – Design an entire site around web hosting, and include tips on how the features available on many hosting companies. Write your OWN content. Do not use that PLR crap that floats around. Learn about Fantastico and MySQL scripts and give information about them. To compete in this field, you'll have to create a large site with hundreds of articles reviewing all the webhosts; give plenty of tips and guides on how to upload a website. Some web hosting companies pay their affiliates a percentage of each customers MONTHLY payment. Imagine all that cash flowing to you each and every month …

2. Spyware – My god, do people willingly want to get rid of all that spyware on their computers. Note that important word "desperate." Write lots and lots of articles about spyware and how to get rid of it. Again, a very competitive field, but if you build a large enough site you'll become an authority in it and do very well. You can then compare and contrast different spyware removal programs.

3. Autoresponders – Learn EVERYTHING you can about Aweber and Get Reponse and create step-by-step guides on how to use them. Include screenshots! Make the largest site you can all on this topic and get paid recurring monthly payments on each customer you get to sign up with these autoresponders.

4. Credit cards – Beware, a very difficult but VERY lucrative site to build would be a credit card comparison site. This one would take a ton of work, but has the potential to rake in a ridiculous amount of cash. You make affiliate commissions off of just getting people to fill out a credit card application (as long as they're approved). Tough, tough, tough. Be ready to write hundreds of thousands of articles for your site and for submission to article directories.

5. Weight Loss – Review EVERY weight loss program in existence. At the end of each article, either have your affiliate link to that weight loss program, or if it sucks or if they do not have one, write a scathing review and link to your "personal" recommended program instead.

THESE are the types of sites you should build. Forget the so-called "low competition" niches. Just forget them. If competition is heavy it's because there is a lot of money to be made in a niche. If competition is light it's most likely because there just is not that much opportunity in it. But if you build a site like this, there are a few things you'll need to do correctly, such as Web 2.0 marketing and having a certain kind of quality within your articles that beats out all your other competitors.

Source by Mike Kuhn

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