4 Big Reasons Why I'm Promoting Your Competition's Affiliate Program and Not Yours

4 Big Reasons Why I'm Promoting Your Competition's Affiliate Program and Not Yours

by Jason

Today, I'm sitting at my computer, about to launch a new site and I'm going through Clickbank, looking for potential affiliate programs to promote.

Time and time again, I'm shaking my head, wondering if these Internet Marketers realize how many potential affiliates they are losing, as I click the red "x" and go to the next product. And, of course, this is not only a problem with the products listed at places like Clickbank (and it certainly is not a reflection of the quality of Clickbank, itself). Affiliate Programs everywhere are lacking in their professionalism and respect for their affiliates.

It's pretty obvious that many people do not realize what turns off a potential affiliate. Could it be, perhaps, that the people writing these books have not been successful at Affiliate Marketing themselves?

After much frustration, I've decided to run through my list of reasons I did not choose your product to promote, and, instead chose your competition.

1. Your page is gaudy and unappealing.

Now, we all know the saying that 'Ugly sites sell'. That's absolutely true. A plain blue background with Arial text can make millions. However, a site that looks like a sparkly, flashy mess and gives your visitors a seizure is not cool. Leave the cursors alone. Do not stick animation on there. And, for goodness sakes, stick with only one or two fonts, please.

2. Typos and spelling errors.

This one is actually kind of frightening. If the product you're selling is an e-BOOK then please act like you know how to write. Have a friend or even an enemy read and reread your sales letter for you. If you do not have any friends or enemies, then pay someone. Just do not try to sell an e-book on a sales page that looks like a third grader wrote it. It's not going to sell. At least I'm not going to sell it.

3. You offer sales options that I will not get affiliates credit for on the sales page.

For instance, you list an electronic and a hard-cover version of your book through amazon. Tacky! Why should I send you traffic through Clickbank so that you can make a commission on amazon? Not a chance. Or even worse, you have both a Clickbank button and a paypal button.

And, my # 1 largest irritant –

4. You've got Google ads or actually have the guts to sell advertising on your page.

(And, no, I'm not joking here.) I do not even need to go there. Anyone who's a successful affiliate knows that this is the sign of death for any affiliate program.

So, there you have it. Four reasons why your competition is getting my business and you are not.

Source by Nicole Dean

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