3 Steps You Can Take Now to Start Earning Top Dollar on the Internet

3 Steps You Can Take Now to Start Earning Top Dollar on the Internet

by Jason

You see it all the time! Successful people on the internet putting new products out or sponsoring affiliate products and awareness $ 1000s every day in just weeks. They routinely get the top spots at Google and earn cash quickly. How did they get there?

After speaking with many successful people online, I was convinced that they were not telling me everything. I thought, "How can it be that easy?" They told me there are 3 steps they always take when getting started. Keep in mind that when they approach a new project such as marketing a new affiliate product, they are starting at the same place we all are! So how can they go from zero to thousands every day in just weeks when the rest of us are still stuck at zero?

A year or two of trying just about everything and failing miserably taught me one thing: follow those who have been successful, do what they do and I may have a better chance. So, sick of losing I took the plunge! I said, "OK, I believe!", Simplified my business and took the just steps to make profits.

At first, I must admit I was scared and procrastinated at jump starting my online, work from home business. But soon I was making back 30% more than I paid in. If I paid $ 60 per day, I made about $ 90. By adding a few simple features like email, I tweaked the system and started bringing in $ 125 on a $ 60 investment. Now I had a proven internet marketing system generating cash over and over that turns my computer into my own personal cash machine.

You may think these steps seem too easy. But you must follow them in order. You can not stray from the path because you will not be successful. After learning these steps and applying them, you must systematize the process so you can quickly put a profitable campaign online. Lets review the steps:

Step 1: Focus on one product only and learn everything you can about it's features determining how they enhance people's lives. Make a list of keywords centered around these "enhanced features". For example when asked "What does your product do?" Do not just cover what the product does, like everyone else, focus upon how it makes their lives easier. Like if your product is an office software product say something like: "This product makes life at work easier so employees can get more work done faster, make more money in less time and get home early. management and the owners. The focus here is on the customers lives and how your product enhances those lives. Do not let the customer guess how your product's features change their lives and solve their problems. product.

Step 2: Run those keywords through Google's keyword tool (search for it at Google typing in Google Keyword Tool). Look for the section that says "additional keywords to consider" and use these keywords enhancing them with desperate keywords like "how to", "affect", "get" and "eliminate" to increase the chances that your visitors will become customers. For a hair loss product, the keywords look like this: "how to grow hair", "get more hair" "eliminate baldness".

Step 3: Get your own domain name and ad words campaign running at Google based on these keywords. Use domain forwarding so that when people click on your domain name they go to a site you are an affiliate for. Test the keywords with the ad words campaign for the "additional keywords to consider" and find out which one's bring in the customers that are buying. Get ranked for these keywords by link building on these ad words as anchor text.

Here's what will happen: You'll get the right keywords and search for a domain name. Say the product is a hair loss product. How does growing hair back enhance someone's life? Better self esteem, more confidence, better relationships with opposition sex. So researching this you come up with many names like "hair regrowth confidence dot com" and find out what is available. Or you may not even go into that much depth and just look at "hair loss" and come up with a great name like "hair loss fix dot com". So with this domain name and keywords that match, you now have a great start to an ad words campaign.

Run your campaign and follow simple steps to tweak the ad words so that you can use them as anchor text to build links. Just link build and run an ad words campaign and nothing else. With $ 30 per day, you should be able to find strong keywords to bid on that are low priced but bringing in people wanting to buy now!

The key is to follow steps that will quickly increase (scale) your numbers. If it works on a small level it should work on a large level. Like if $ 30 gets $ 80, you would think that $ 3000 gets $ 8000. It will not work that way way every time. If you follow specific upscale steps and add an email marketing campaign to your system, you can get started fast, drive your business higher and avoid the most common mistakes every new business makes.

Source by John Finn

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