3 Easy ways to make money with your camera

3 Easy ways to make money with your camera

by Jason

There are many ways to generate partime or full time income with your camera. For the purpose of this article however we will concentrate on three quick ways to do so.  These will require minimal equipment, time, and computer knowledge.

1) Youth Sports/Activities (The fact that you can be up close to the action makes this easy)

Do you have children or are close to someone who does? If the answer is yes, then chances are that you spend a significant amount of time at the fields, court, rink, pool or other facility where your child participates in a sport or creative activity. The time you spend there is generally significantly more than you realize and more than enough to obtain quality images you’ll need to get your business off the ground..

A digital camera, a medium zoom lens, minimal computer knowledge and a lot of business cards is  all  need you need to get started.

2) Photo Stock Agencies

Today the incredible demand for quality images, makes it impossible for staff photographers to provide all or even a significant amount of all the images needed by publications or photo editors. As a result, photo editors, magazines and other publications have come to depend on stock photo agencies to obtain their images. This makes it possible to generate income with your digital camera.

Photo stock agencies are image middle men who purchase or lease images (from anyone who provides quality images) and in turn sell them to photo editors or publications. The editors and publications pay the agencies who then pay the photographers.

The beauty of the system is that the photo agencies buy or lease images from anyone (you or me) who can provide quality images. These agencies don’t care where the photographer lives, what equipment he owns, or anything else as long can provide quality images.

3) Pet Photography (People love their pets as much as their children)

This is a third way to start generating income with your digital camera.

Setting up joint ventures with pet groomers and pet stores alone can give you all the business you can handle. A good pet groomer can easily book you with pet photography sessions on a weekend. Determine your prices and show your customers some picture packages they could avail and your all set to earning money. Post your work samples at their location so customers can see your work. The samples will also get them thinking about how they should do the same with their own pet.

So there you have it. You just need lots of patience and practice setting up and taking pet portraits using a minimum of equipment and props and it won’t be long before you become better at your craft and learn the best ways to approach animal groomers and pet stores with an irresistible joint venture proposition. Even without doing a single joint venture with pet stores or groomers you can still earn a great income by offering to shoot your portraits in the comfort and privacy of your client’s home. You can even keep your day job and still earn a fantastic second income by shooting one or two portrait sessions per evening.

Source by Ray alarcon

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