10 Email Marketing Facts

10 Email Marketing Facts

by Jason

Email marketing is one of the most difficult marketing techniques to master. It is a challenge to even the most experienced online marketing experts. Drawing people's attention without direct contact to them and with an uncertainty about the reception of the mail is a tough job.

Every person has his / her own choice, believe and preference. Fulfilling the demand of a large group is very difficult. A vast knowledge on people's behavior, knowledge, current trends, and events are the key factors of email marketing. If you summarize 10 Email Marketing Facts, then this will be the list:

1. Low success rate: Email marketing is a cheap mass contact method. It is difficult to confirm that the reader has read the mail. Less than ten percent of emails are read with proper attention. The rest of the readers either read it in a random manner or simply delete or ignore it.

2. Effectiveness might be higher: It is possible to achieve higher effectiveness by using a few techniques. Clearly targeted user base, high quality contents, proper timing, and users' faith on your service and product may be the factor of success.

3. People love free service and discount offers: It is true that people love to get free service and discounts. They will buy anything that they do not need now, if you offer them a 1/5 of the actual price. If you give 60% discount, the sale will increase 90%. Use of these techniques links more numbers of users. Make people interested about your services and encourage them to subscribe to your emails by offering free service and discount on each purchase.

4. Protect your mails from being marked as spam: Never use some common term that is served by the spammers such as "free," "lifetime," and "opportunity" are suicide terms for business emails. Never send mail from an undefined address and do not leave the subject line blank.

5. Choose the correct time: Choosing a correct time increases the possibility of reading mail. Send mails on holidays and weekdays.

6. Make the reader happy: Add some good news in every mail. Try to show everything positively. The voice of your mails should always be positive. Negative voice results negative results.

7. No religious or political talk: Religion and political preference are very personal things. Do not make any comment on these topics. Always try to be neutral.

8. Everyday life tips: Providing some everyday life tips may help your mails become friendlier to readers. If they apply your tips on everyday life, then they become your friend.

9. Correct information: Providing correct and reliable information makes your mail trustworthy. If they trust your information, then they will trust your products.

10. Tracking is a good technique: Track the visitor's activity using unique links. You can provide personalized content, if you know who is interested in which product. Just put a unique link in each mail. In addition, check which link is clicked and the most visited products. This is a very important tool.

And this concludes my 10 email marketing facts that I believe are very important for you to know and understand.

Source by Dave Morrison

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